Justin Bonello

Worms are one of the major players in the decomposition of organic matter. A worm farm is practically odour and fly free and compact. What it produces though is where the real magic happens…I call it agricultural gold.  You need to score three wooden or plastic containers that fit into one another – they, Read More

Justin Bonello_Greenhouse

I’ve been going on and on about the hydroponics setup and what a godsend it is, and I’m sure that there are many of you scratching your head as to why I’m so taken with this system. I suppose the proof is in the pudding, and you’ll only really get it when you set, Read More

Justin Bonello_Garden

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I know that turning your garden into a full-blown mini food farm might seem quite daunting, but the key is to start small. Even if you don’t have a garden, all you need is a windowsill and a pot and you can start, Read More

Justin Bonello_Garden

I’ve tried raising chickens in the past with very little success, but as we grow, we learn, and I’ve learnt a lot this year through my greenhouse and garden, so now it’s time to add animals to my urban farm. So yesterday I received two hens from a mate of mine and I’m going to, Read More

Justin Bonello_Garden

It’s November and here in the Western Cape we can all start to feel the sweltering Summer approaching. My Garden has been in full swing for nearly 11 months now and just look at it…it’s blooming! There’s no doubt that it’s going to be a great summer, filled with braai’s and lazy Saturdays spent, Read More

My Garden is doing better than ever! It took me a while but it’s producing so much fresh organic food that I don’t even know what to do with it all! This is all part of the mindset of the Green Town Project, where we can generate our own healthy fresh produce in the, Read More

Image courtesy of Oranjezicht City Farm

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” ― Masanobu Fukuoka So, the seed for the Green Town Project has been buried in my brain for a long time, but I’m sure that you’re wondering how we actually implement this idea to grow food in, Read More

Growing my own food stems from something much bigger; a realisation that I had about why we eat the way we do and it comes down to one thing: cities. Cities are very new in terms of human history, and they have done amazing things for us. These are the hubs of science, education, medicine, Read More

I used to shop once a week – or rather my better half did – but I saw a ¼ of all the food I bought go off, packaged to suit retail space, not how much I eat and when, and if there’s one thing that I can’t do, it’s waste food, so all, Read More