This is me

Cook, traveller, father, husband, filmmaker, urban farmer, custodian…

and not particularly in that order.

I cook. I make television. I love the outdoors. I’m earning my green fingers and the open road is where I find my sanity. JUSTIN_BABY_BW

I was born in Durban, South Africa, grew up in Cape Town and have been burning my fingers on the open fire in the great outdoors of Southern Africa for longer than I can remember.

I started cooking when I was 7 (thanks to my late grandmother Liz who knew that the way to a child’s heart was with sweetness and gave me my first pan). I started working in the film industry when I was 14 (thanks to my producer Mom). Spent a number of years (too long) being told what to do on Cape Town film sets before I decided to back myself and my own ideas. More than 20 years later, I’ve created, hosted and produced more than 30 shows that have been aired both locally and internationally.

I’ve published 7 recipe books with Penguin and am working on my next two publications, including Menu and Rethink. They’ll be ready when they’re ready…

I’ve won multiple awards for shows that I created but am more proud of being the founder of Neighbourhood Farm, an organic urban farming Not for Profit that’s focused on fixing a broken food system by providing edible education and nutrient-dense organic produce to community members from all walks of life.

I am the custodian of the Onderhuis at Keurbosfontein, an original farmstead in the Cederberg with no electricity and a billion stars where I have the privilege of taking friends and guests on a journey back in time, free of stimulation pollution and break bread.

Last, but not least, I am married to Eugenie, have three wonderful children (Dan, Sam and Gaby), and am the farmer of a bunch of chickens, some sheep and a troop or two of baboons. I love my dogs, have earned my green fingers and love the open road!

Currently, I’m sowing seeds for an NPO I founded called Neighbourhood Farm (if you want to change the world and how we live in Urban Environments – drop me an email). I’m busy filming a documentary on Leopards in the Cape Fold Mountains (the truth is I’ve been filming for two years – and imagine another 2 or so to go as I raise cash to film) and I’m about to start filming a throwback to my early days of cooking called Hooked and Cooked.

Namibia. Car biltong in 3 days.

There are no bad cooks, just friends who aren’t hungry enough.