Why Hydroponics Anyway?

Justin Bonello_Greenhouse

I’ve been going on and on about the hydroponics setup and what a godsend it is, and I’m sure that there are many of you scratching your head as to why I’m so taken with this system. I suppose the proof is in the pudding, and you’ll only really get it when you set your own one up, but for those of you who are still sceptical, let me highlight some of the reasons why it is so effective.

First up, it is the most efficient way to grow plants. Because the entire system is self contained, there is literally no waste. All the water is recycled – of course the plants will drink up the nutrient rich water, but other than refilling the water reservoir and maintaining the nutrient and PH levels, no additional input is required; it is a self contained system.

Secondly, it is very clean. There is no soil involved; rather the plants will use the LECA substrate for support, and everything else is delivered through the water. As long as the system is water-tight, there is virtually no mess!

Thirdly, it is an incredibly compact system and because it is so efficient, you can grow a huge amount of plants in a relatively small space. This makes it a perfect solution for urban farming, particularly when many people live in apartments and don’t really have access to a garden. You can set it up indoors as long as there is enough light and it will do its thing, and the cherry on top is probably the low maintenance.

In this day and age everything needs to have happened yesterday and time is more valuable than ever and although many people would like to grow their own food, they simply might not have the time, space, or resources to actually do it. This method is cheap, small and can be almost entirely automated which is why it is the perfect solution to growing your own food in cities, especially for people in apartments! So try it out!

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