DIY Worm Farm

Justin Bonello

Worms are one of the major players in the decomposition of organic matter. A worm farm is practically odour and fly free and compact. What it produces though is where the real magic happens…I call it agricultural gold.

  •  You need to score three wooden or plastic containers that fit into one another – they can be bins, buckets or crates and one lid.
  • Drill about 50 very small holes in the bottom of two of the containers. Place a piece of cardboard snugly in the bottom of one an put some shredded newspaper soaked in water on top as bedding for your worms.
  • Now you’re ready for some composters. Worms thrive in a rich, heavily mulched environment where moisture and food is supplied. Most popular are red wigglers and red earthworms. You can get them from local produce markets and certain nurseries.
  • Place the worms on the bedding and cover with shredded kitchen waste and some sheets of wet newspaper and then place this container on top of the one with no holes. Put the third container on top and close with the lid. The worms will eat their way to the top of the middle container and when this one is filled with ‘processed’ food they will start moving up into the crate above into which you must now put the food. The middle container is now full of compost so empty it out into your garden and place it on top.
  • In the bottom container you’ll now be gathering the liquid fertiliser which drips through. use this on your pot plants and watch them turn into superplants.

You can also buy your own! I bought mine from 

Justin Bonello

Keep feeding and repeating this cycle and in no time whatsoever you’ll see the benefit in your garden.

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