Recently I presented to a group of community members in the South Peninsula of Cape Town a plan to install a market garden on community land next to a school to both connect children to where their food actually come from and to service the community with fresh vegetables on a daily basis in, Read More

  I’m finally proud to say that I became a Front Runner Pride ambassador earlier this year. Obviously, the Front Runner team wanted me to provide feedback and praise, but I’m always cagey when it comes to promoting gear! It’s easy to say ‘yes, I’ll be an ambassador…’ but does the gear actually work?, Read More

The tentative existence of wild life in my back yard…   As part of my documentary about Leopards, I recently I had the privilege of filming a GPS collaring and the subsequent release of a Caracal back into the wonderful soul at the heart of the best city in the world and thankfully, my, Read More

If you didn’t know that there were Caracal (Rooikat) living on the fringe of Cape Town. Here’s a little video I filmed with my mates Louis Hiemstra and Shaun Harrison to help  the Urban Caracal Project  with a successful crown funding project. Big shout out to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, Cape Leopard Trust and the University of Cape Town’s, Read More

“350 years ago, all of the big five were found in what is now the Western Cape of South Africa. Against all odds, just one of them remains…” I’ve been working on this 6 part documentary series  for more than two years now. Finally, I’ve gotten to a point where a broadcaster is interested, Read More

Justin Bonello_Leopard

That’s Felicity that you can see in the middle of the image, but just to the left of her are 1…2…3 sets of eyes! A Happy Family. It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the ongoing leopard saga, but there have been some amazing developments. My last post was about Felicity and, Read More

Justin Bonello_Leopard_Felicity

We’ve just received word from Jeannine McManus of the Landmark Foundation confirming that Felicity has two cubs! It’s estimated that the two cubs are between three and four months old, putting their approximate date of birth somewhere Christmas last year. In October last year we found out that Felicity had a new man in, Read More

Justin Bonello_Leopard

It looks like there’s some really good news about leopards for a change! This leopard cub was spotted in the Baviaanskloof! This project is something that I’ve wanted to do for very many years ever since I first met Dr. Bool Smuts of the Landmark Foundation when he introduced me to a farmer called Roy Heindrich on, Read More

Justin Bonello_Leopard

A while ago Sunel, my Director of Photography, raced up to the Kalahari to follow the story of a research leopard that was trapped there. When she arrived she was met with a very sad situation – the leopard had been killed the night before, but now I have some very good news to, Read More