A spit braai is a familiar favourite, and chances are you have experienced at least one at a huge kuier. It is one of my favourite ways to entertain around the fire, and don’t think that it is impossible to build – my friend and I used this guideline to build one in 10minutes!, Read More

Sticky Lamb Ribs_Justin Bonello

I found a great new way to prepare lamb ribs. After my experience with Klip-Rib in the Karoo – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go buy the book –  I never thought I would look back. But alas! I don’t have igneous rocks lying around my garden at home, so I, Read More

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Fillets are great on the fire, but you can ruin it if you’re not careful, so follow these steps to creating the perfect fillet this Summer and you’ll be laughing. Remember, keep it simple stupid.  

Justin Bonello_Lamb Chops

One of our favorite things to do on the braai as South Africans is a simple lamb chop, so here’s my trick to creating the perfect lamb chop on the fire.    

If you’ve got my first book, you’ll know that I’ve already done a Greek style lamb, but I HAVE to give you Marthinus’s recipe. I’ll even admit that it might be better than mine! This is seriously delicious and really easy to make. You’ll Need: A deboned leg of lamb (about 2.5kg) 500ml Bulgarian, Read More

There are millions of burger joints in the world, most of them serving up pre-packaged rubbish, where most of the time you don’t know what you’re eating. Slapping some meat in a bun when you know what you’re eating elevates burgers to a gourmet experience. You’ll need ½ kg leanish ground mince (beef, ostrich,, Read More

You might be tempted to think that this is a recipe to do with Playboy Bunnies having a braai. I don’t blame you, but I’m afraid that this is not that kind of book – I’m a married man! This is Rust n Dust’s recipe and they say it combines two of their favourite, Read More

One of the most influential things that I learnt during filming the Karoo series was how these farmers respected the domesticated livestock that we all eat. As city slickers we are not only disconnected from where our food comes from, but many other aspects of our lives. For example, waste is a normal part of our, Read More

This is one of my favorite Karoo delicacies. They’re called skilpadjies in Afrikaans which translates as little tortoises in English. They’re little parcels of lamb liver wrapped in the sheep’s caul fat seared on the fire and they end up looking like little tortoise shells. They are absolutely delicious, but very fatty so moderation is definitely, Read More