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The tentative existence of wild life in my back yard…


Eben – Image courtesy of the Urban Caracal Project.


As part of my documentary about Leopards, I recently I had the privilege of filming a GPS collaring and the subsequent release of a Caracal back into the wonderful soul at the heart of the best city in the world and thankfully, my proverbial backyard, the Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town.

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If you didn’t know that there were Caracal (Rooikat) living on the fringe of Cape Town. Here’s a little video I filmed with my mates Louis Hiemstra and Shaun Harrison to help  the Urban Caracal Project  with a successful crown funding project. Big shout out to the Cape of Good Hope SPCACape Leopard Trust and the University of Cape Town’s Jaqui Bishop for allowing me into their world, as well as my missus for editing and Craig at Mama Dance for the music.