There are millions of burger joints in the world, most of them serving up pre-packaged rubbish, where most of the time you don’t know what you’re eating. Slapping some meat in a bun when you know what you’re eating elevates burgers to a gourmet experience. You’ll need ½ kg leanish ground mince (beef, ostrich,, Read More

You might be tempted to think that this is a recipe to do with Playboy Bunnies having a braai. I don’t blame you, but I’m afraid that this is not that kind of book – I’m a married man! This is Rust n Dust’s recipe and they say it combines two of their favourite, Read More

Earlier this year we embarked on a two month road trip to film the Third Season of the Ultimate Braai Master and I thought that I would share some interesting facts from the road trip! 62 crew members, 30 contestants. 18 cracked wind screens. 98 punctures. 101 tons of wood burnt. 1231g of daily caffeine in take, Read More

When I was first told about the braai pie by Quint, one of my best mates, I was a bit sceptical. How could puff pastry be put on the grid, braaied and still turn out to be edible? He promised me it worked. So I gave it a bash and I can now wholeheartedly, Read More

My crew and I work really hard when we’re filming on the road…but it’s always important to make time to step back and take in where you are. Getting a wheelbarrow fire going and sipping on a cool sundowner normally does the trick. This was on Tania Harrison’s farm in Merweville, Karoo.

This is one of my favorite Karoo delicacies. They’re called skilpadjies in Afrikaans which translates as little tortoises in English. They’re little parcels of lamb liver wrapped in the sheep’s caul fat seared on the fire and they end up looking like little tortoise shells. They are absolutely delicious, but very fatty so moderation is definitely, Read More