A conversation with me on my new book, Cooked in the Karoo  

When I really can’t get to sleep – which isn’t often – I have tried counting sheep but it’s not really for me, however this puts the term in a completely new light. This was on a farm just outside of Carnarvon and I think I only got to about ten before I couldn’t, Read More

One of our favourite pastimes when we’re on the road is light painting. The trick to this is that it takes really long to take the photo – about 30 seconds – and that’s what gives you the streaks of light, but if you don’t want to be a blurry blob, you have to, Read More

My crew and I work really hard when we’re filming on the road…but it’s always important to make time to step back and take in where you are. Getting a wheelbarrow fire going and sipping on a cool sundowner normally does the trick. This was on Tania Harrison’s farm in Merweville, Karoo.

The time that I am most excited is when I’m on the road and all I can see in front of me is a vanishing point. Literally on the road in this case – I love it!

The Karoo putting on a beautiful flower show as we were passing through. You have to take the time to just soak it in.

One of the most influential things that I learnt during filming the Karoo series was how these farmers respected the domesticated livestock that we all eat. As city slickers we are not only disconnected from where our food comes from, but many other aspects of our lives. For example, waste is a normal part of our, Read More

This is one of my favorite Karoo delicacies. They’re called skilpadjies in Afrikaans which translates as little tortoises in English. They’re little parcels of lamb liver wrapped in the sheep’s caul fat seared on the fire and they end up looking like little tortoise shells. They are absolutely delicious, but very fatty so moderation is definitely, Read More

I’ve come to call our Cooked family a travelling circus, because in many respects that’s exactly what we are. A band of nomadic misfits travelling through our wonderful African home. This particular stop off was in the Camdeboo National Park while filming Karoo: Land of Thirst.