I wish that I could start this conversation off by saying that I’m a celebrity chef, that I trained in some of the worlds best restaurants; that I’ve won awards for my restaurant … Truth is I’ve been cooking in the great outdoors since ma and pa fell off the wagon, and the title I most deserve is that of Bush Cook.

If you’re looking to have me cater at your mates wedding or serve funny little canapés wrapped in basil foam – I’m not that guy, but if you want to go into the middle of the Karoo, the Wildcoast, the Bushveld, the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, a game lodge or just up the coast to Langebaan – in fact anywhere in the great outdoors and cook meals on the fire… then I’m your man.

Not only will I be giving tips on how to up your game, I’ll create a tailor-made menu and be the guy that serves up delicious smoky food all prepared on the fire.

And in South Africa – the land where we call it braai in all 11 official languages – where getting together around an open fire is a national pastime, I help to get a relaxed “kuier” on the go in an easy fitting manner and style.

About ME:

I’ve written and published 7 cook books with Penguin.

Whether it’s 20 mates, or 60 guests – I’ve hosted and cooked for events for Coca Cola, Standard Bank, M5 Sports group, Capital Works private equity group and Pick n Pay to name a few.

I’ve taken a global audience on a ride through Southern Africa in 6 seasons of Cooked. I hosted and created 5 seasons of the award winning reality series – The Ultimate Braai Master. And then there are the other 13 television shows that I creatively directed and produced.

I’m a avid home farmer, father to three children, husband to one fine woman, have 3 dogs (one of them a real big softy called Sophie – although she looks like she’ll take your hand off). I love the outdoors, travelling even more, and I’m at my happiest when there is no connectivity…

I love doing events where I get to get my hands dirty, mingle with all of you… and sometimes-even cook. If you would like to book me for a talk or an event, contact me.


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