Justin Bonello_Recipes

Fillets are great on the fire, but you can ruin it if you’re not careful, so follow these steps to creating the perfect fillet this Summer and you’ll be laughing. Remember, keep it simple stupid.  

Justin Bonello_Lamb Chops

One of our favorite things to do on the braai as South Africans is a simple lamb chop, so here’s my trick to creating the perfect lamb chop on the fire.    

Sitting down on Anne Hirsch’s couch to talk about The Ultimate Braai Master…I think that she has a crush on me, I don’t know that my wife would be so pleased about so many hugs.  

Justin Bonello_Summer Braai

Here are some ideas for the braai this summer, but the most important one is the music! It’s going to be a scorcher so let’s gear up and get ready to celebrate the great outdoors the South African way!  

A conversation with me on my new book, Cooked in the Karoo