The Making of the Ultimate Braai Master

Earlier this year we embarked on a two month road trip to film the Third Season of the Ultimate Braai Master and I thought that I would share some interesting facts from the road trip!

  • 62 crew members, 30 contestants.
  • 18 cracked wind screens.
  • 98 punctures.
  • 101 tons of wood burnt.
  • 1231g of daily caffeine in take (crew can’t survive without coffee).
  • 45 vehicles, including three 8-ton trucks, 1 dedicated to the Pick n Pay pantry who followed us through SA and Namibia.
  • 69 pairs of lost socks and undies.
  • Over 108 000 meals prepared and eaten.
  • 7200ish KWV brandy and cokes.
  • 3 sprained ankles; 2 belonging to Justin Bonello, and 1 broken hand.
  • Over 200 oysters eaten in Luderitz, Namibia.. (no joke, they were R5 each).
  • 16 months to produce the show: pre-production, production and post production. Filming cycles over lap.

Justin Bonello_Ultimate Braai Master

Take a look into our world and meet the travelling circus who operate behind the scenes to make it all happen! You’d be surprised at the band of misfits that I call family.

Now we’re gearing up to do it all again!

Entries open soon so watch this space for all the details.

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