Confronting a Leopard Killer

Justin Bonello_Leopard

Here’s an update for you about Half-tail, the leopard that was shot and killed by a farmer in the Koo Valley. He was a vitally important research leopard that was reported missing a couple of weeks ago and we had suspected that he had been killed. A couple of days later we received confirmation from two sources that this was in fact the case. I know who the farmer is, although he is not admitting anything, so I posed a question on Facebook about whether I should name and shame him and there was an overwhelming response. Most people responded saying that I should name and shame him but the truth is that this isn’t going to help solve the problem. I’ve realized that prosecution is not my responsibility but I do want to hear his side of the story, so I’m going to head up to the Koo Valley to confront him and offer him that opportunity because I can’t judge someone until I’ve walked in their shoes and looked at all the points of view involved. I hope I get to meet with him and shed some more light on this very serious situation. Watch this space for the updates and what he has to say…



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