This is a great salad, especially for those lazy and less hungry warm days or nights, because it’s a meal in one that won’t leave you feeling stuffed and gasping for air after you’ve eaten. For the Rub: 50g whole coriander spice 25g peppercorns 50g mustard seeds 30g coarse salt 15g paprika For the, Read More

There are millions of burger joints in the world, most of them serving up pre-packaged rubbish, where most of the time you don’t know what you’re eating. Slapping some meat in a bun when you know what you’re eating elevates burgers to a gourmet experience. You’ll need ½ kg leanish ground mince (beef, ostrich,, Read More

This is my spin on a recipe given to me by Alfred Henry, but like most things in life I’ve changed it and made it my own. It’s my take on the classic Mississippi Mud Pie born in America in the 1970s and it’s got to be the ultimate dessert sin. It’s loaded with, Read More

You might be tempted to think that this is a recipe to do with Playboy Bunnies having a braai. I don’t blame you, but I’m afraid that this is not that kind of book – I’m a married man! This is Rust n Dust’s recipe and they say it combines two of their favourite, Read More

A conversation with me on my new book, Cooked in the Karoo  

Sometimes the simple things in life puts a smile on my face: A decent cup of coffee in the morning. Playing in the garden with my lightie. A fish that finally takes my bait. A beautiful sunset after a long day… And (really) good potato salad.  Have this with snoek, cajun calamari  or just, Read More

For the Batter You’ll need: 4 cups of flour ½ a cup of sugar a drizzle of sunflower oil 4 – 5 free-range or organic eggs about a litre of milk First up, make a batch of pancake batter. Put the flour, sugar and sunflower oil into a mixing bowl, make a well in, Read More

When I was first told about the braai pie by Quint, one of my best mates, I was a bit sceptical. How could puff pastry be put on the grid, braaied and still turn out to be edible? He promised me it worked. So I gave it a bash and I can now wholeheartedly, Read More

This is one of my favorite Karoo delicacies. They’re called skilpadjies in Afrikaans which translates as little tortoises in English. They’re little parcels of lamb liver wrapped in the sheep’s caul fat seared on the fire and they end up looking like little tortoise shells. They are absolutely delicious, but very fatty so moderation is definitely, Read More