The Tin Cup Breakfast

Justin Bonello_Recipes

This is poached eggs…bundu style.

For two people you’ll need:

  • 2 tin mugs
  • 4 eggs

This basic breakfast allows for fillings of your choice – from mushrooms and crispy bacon to cherry tomatoes and mature cheddar and everything in-between. Whatever combination gets you going! If it needs cooking (like bacon) make sure you do that first.

Wipe the inside of the mugs with olive oil. Put in whatever ingredients you’ve chosen. Break two eggs over the top. Place the mugs in a pot with enough water so that the mugs are half submerged. Put the lid on and place in the fire. Bring the water to the boil. This method of poaching eggs takes about four to five minutes, but keep checking. When the eggs are to your liking, eat them out of the mug with a spoon and a fork.

Ja, swaer…dis nou lekker.

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