I Need an Elephant!

Justin Bonello

Whilst filming the Ultimate Braai Master, we travelled up to Musina in Limpopo – just an hour away from the Kruger National Park. Limpopo is baobab country and I had the pleasure of experiencing these magnificent ‘upside down’ trees in their full glory under a star gazers paradise. The picture above is an untouched photo, perfectly portraying a baobab’s beauty and incredible stature. If I’m not mistaken, this specific tree is just over 3000 years old. Of course I fell in love, and had to get my hands on a few seeds to plant back at home … There is just one small problem though – I need an elephant! Elephants are quite significant in the seeding process, because as they digest the seeds from the delicious baobab fruit – the seed spends roughly 5 days passing through the elephant’s digestive tract, and the hot stomach acids aid in breaking down the tough coat. I have heard that using hot water or sandpaper to soften the coat can work too … but I only have a few seeds and want to use the most effective process possible. If anyone knows of something that will work, or can lend me an elephant … just shout!

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