This is one of my favorite Karoo delicacies. They’re called skilpadjies in Afrikaans which translates as little tortoises in English. They’re little parcels of lamb liver wrapped in the sheep’s caul fat seared on the fire and they end up looking like little tortoise shells. They are absolutely delicious, but very fatty so moderation is definitely key. This is definitely something that everyone should try at least once in your life. Be sure to eat them hot though, because if you don’t, the fat will stick to the back of your teeth.

I’ve come to call our Cooked family a travelling circus, because in many respects that’s exactly what we are.

A band of nomadic misfits travelling through our wonderful African home. This particular stop off was in the Camdeboo National Park while filming Karoo: Land of Thirst. 

This is one of my fondest memories from my two year journey across the length and breadth of the Karoo. We spent a night in a Bushman cave on a farm called Ganora just outside Nieu Bethesda and just look at it! A truly amazing experience. It’s difficult for me to explain what it feels like spending a night in a cave that was once used by our great ancestors. There are no words, but I think South African artist Walter Battis captured it quite perfectly:

 “There is no ugliness, but only beauty in what remains of their frail existence. Nature was not destroyed, injured, or walked by their proximity. As casual as the wind and the water, they lived in undisturbed serenity while the ages came and went…now they have all gone…but their art remains.”