If you didn’t know that there were Caracal (Rooikat) living on the fringe of Cape Town. Here’s a little video I filmed with my mates Louis Hiemstra and Shaun Harrison to help  the Urban Caracal Project  with a successful crown funding project. Big shout out to the Cape of Good Hope SPCACape Leopard Trust and the University of Cape Town’s Jaqui Bishop for allowing me into their world, as well as my missus for editing and Craig at Mama Dance for the music.

“350 years ago, all of the big five were found in what is now the Western Cape of South Africa. Against all odds, just one of them remains…”

I’ve been working on this 6 part documentary series  for more than two years now. Finally, I’ve gotten to a point where a broadcaster is interested in putting the series on air, but won’t commit to the budget that’s required for me  and my crew to spend 12 months in the field, bringing the plight and story of the last of the apex predators of the Cape Fold Mountains of South Africa to life.

This is a shout out to brave Philanthropists / Corporation’s  / You – anyone with the foresight to protect our natural heritage, who cares enough to support me in making this documentary.

You can contact me directly at : leopard@justinbonello.com – and whether you just want to find out more about the story, have seen leopards in your own backyard – or want to get involved – I promise I’ll reply, make myself available for any meetings – in fact, I’ll do anything to bring the plight of the Leopard to Life.

My biggest fear – that  these majestic creatures disappear from tip of South Africa  in our lifetime because we do nothing. And then evil really has triumphed.

Stop ruining my breakfast…

I’m so tired of being served up thick, greasy, burnt omelettes that ooze cheddar cheese; where the cooks / chefs believe that if they stuff the omelette with as many ingredients as possible, quantity will improve quality, and then to boot – they burn it. Such hogwash. Omelettes are meant to be light, non-greasy taste explosions, and here’s how to make your own. Read More