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Are you an adventure-seeking, dust-kicking, good-food-loving road tripper? Then I’ve got some great news for you! My NEW book, written by Helena Lombard, with Bertus Basson and Petrus Madutlela has hit all major book stores! “Road Tripping” is the latest addition to the Ultimate Braai Master recipe book collection and it comes with some great twists and, Read More

Justin Bonello Recipes

When we decided to go on a boy’s only fishing weekend in Dutoitskloof, the lads said it sounded a little tame so I came up with just the thing to liven things up – a couple of steamy birds! What you’ll need: 2 whole chickens 2 cans of ale 4 gloves of garlic whole, Read More

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Oxtail takes looong to make, so do this when you’ve got time to drink wine and chill at home with friends and family. You’ll Need: 4kg oxtail 4 onions – chopped 8 carrots – chopped cake flour salt and pepper olive oil good quality organic beef stock a fine red wine Maizena – about, Read More

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We’ve just received word from Jeannine McManus of the Landmark Foundation confirming that Felicity has two cubs! It’s estimated that the two cubs are between three and four months old, putting their approximate date of birth somewhere Christmas last year. In October last year we found out that Felicity had a new man in, Read More


A spit braai is a familiar favourite, and chances are you have experienced at least one at a huge kuier. It is one of my favourite ways to entertain around the fire, and don’t think that it is impossible to build – my friend and I used this guideline to build one in 10minutes!, Read More

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Whenever you’re making dough from scratch, there are a couple of very important tricks to remember. The first? Keep it cold. Cold hands, cold butter, cold liquid … you get the picture. The second? Rest the dough. You do this to relax the gluten (the protein in flour which gives dough its elasticity) and, Read More

Justin Bonello_Leopard

It looks like there’s some really good news about leopards for a change! This leopard cub was spotted in the Baviaanskloof! This project is something that I’ve wanted to do for very many years ever since I first met Dr. Bool Smuts of the Landmark Foundation when he introduced me to a farmer called Roy Heindrich on, Read More

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Worms are one of the major players in the decomposition of organic matter. A worm farm is practically odour and fly free and compact. What it produces though is where the real magic happens…I call it agricultural gold.  You need to score three wooden or plastic containers that fit into one another – they, Read More

Sticky Lamb Ribs_Justin Bonello

I found a great new way to prepare lamb ribs. After my experience with Klip-Rib in the Karoo – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go buy the book –  I never thought I would look back. But alas! I don’t have igneous rocks lying around my garden at home, so I, Read More