Don’t tell my wife, but I’ve fallen in love again. This is my new girlfriend and her name is Felicity. I was woken up in the early hours of Sunday morning (14th of September 2014) by a call from Dr Bool Smuts telling me that a leopard had been captured on a farm in Baviaanskloof., Read More

Sometimes the simple things in life puts a smile on my face: A decent cup of coffee in the morning. Playing in the garden with my lightie. A fish that finally takes my bait. A beautiful sunset after a long day… And (really) good potato salad.  Have this with snoek, cajun calamari  or just, Read More

For the Batter You’ll need: 4 cups of flour ½ a cup of sugar a drizzle of sunflower oil 4 – 5 free-range or organic eggs about a litre of milk First up, make a batch of pancake batter. Put the flour, sugar and sunflower oil into a mixing bowl, make a well in, Read More

When I was first told about the braai pie by Quint, one of my best mates, I was a bit sceptical. How could puff pastry be put on the grid, braaied and still turn out to be edible? He promised me it worked. So I gave it a bash and I can now wholeheartedly, Read More

When I really can’t get to sleep – which isn’t often – I have tried counting sheep but it’s not really for me, however this puts the term in a completely new light. This was on a farm just outside of Carnarvon and I think I only got to about ten before I couldn’t, Read More

One of our favourite pastimes when we’re on the road is light painting. The trick to this is that it takes really long to take the photo – about 30 seconds – and that’s what gives you the streaks of light, but if you don’t want to be a blurry blob, you have to, Read More

My crew and I work really hard when we’re filming on the road…but it’s always important to make time to step back and take in where you are. Getting a wheelbarrow fire going and sipping on a cool sundowner normally does the trick. This was on Tania Harrison’s farm in Merweville, Karoo.

The time that I am most excited is when I’m on the road and all I can see in front of me is a vanishing point. Literally on the road in this case – I love it!

The Karoo putting on a beautiful flower show as we were passing through. You have to take the time to just soak it in.